How to Change Your Life in 1 Year

Not a guide but a high overview on what you need to do

Decide. Commit. Act.

First, you have to decide that you’re changing your life for the better because you know that there’s a better life waiting for you out there. It’s a life where you’re not anxious about going to your soulless job, but a life where you’re free.

You’re free to do things you want, to pursue your creative pursuits, and free to say no to things that no longer align with you. That’s the life waiting for you. But that life is expensive.

Then, you have to commit.

Commit to changing your life no matter what. You can’t give up halfway. You’ll struggle for sure, but you can’t go back because you’ve chosen a path that many others won’t. When you commit, you’re pushing yourself past your comfort level.

You’ll get to know yourself in a way you’ve never imagined.

You’ll gain new skills and a newfound confidence that you’ll carry with you forever. And that’s costs a lot. It won’t happen if you don’t commit to changing. Committing can look like doing hard things like saying no to easy activities so you can spend more time building your future.

Finally, you’ll have to act.

You need to take on inspired actions. They don’t have to be big, massive actions. You just have to feel inspired to take them. And be careful not to overstretch yourself by doing everything at once. It’s more important you take atomic but consistent actions over time.

You can change your life in a year, but you have to do these three things.

Jerine Nicole

Jerine Nicole