How You Can Use Medium As a Multipassionate Creator

Medium is like YouTube but for writers.

When I left Instagram for four months because I couldn't niche down, I explored a different platform. When I came across Medium, I thought it was a magical place. There were no ads, no clickbaity headlines, and you couldn't do a lot of self-promos.

People were writing authentic personal stories from travel, money, personal development, sex (yes and quite detailed too) and crypto.

Since then, I made Medium my writing playground for all my interests and here's how you can do it too:

1. Lists ALL the topics and interests you want to explore in writing.

When I started writing about anything, I wrote about travel, personal growth and money. I found that once I started writing about these things, I realize I didn't want to talk about some of the topics again.

Once you start writing about the topics you think you want to write about, only then you'll find the topics you truly want to write about.

2. Read other people's stories and study the publications.

Publications on Medium tailor to specific readers on Medium.

Post Grad Survival Guide is a publication catered towards millennials who want advice on side hustles, life advice and money. If you have personal stories that would be a great fit in this pub, go ahead and submit your stories to the publication. If you're into Marketing, there's "Better Marketing." If you're into personal development, there's "Mind Cafe" and more.

Whatever topic you're into, you can be sure there's a publication for that.

If there isn't, you can always start your own. Cool, huh?

3. Write stories and publish them in your name or with a publication.

The beautiful thing about Medium is that no one is watching your work.

In the beginning, you want that. You want the freedom to talk about anything you want. Soon enough, you'll realize that you want feedback, and you want more eyes on your work. That's where publication comes in handy.

Because some publications are stricter than others, you can use it as a challenge to see how well you're doing as a writer.

If you're someone with multiple interests and can't figure out how to show up online, try Medium.

Jerine Nicole

Jerine Nicole