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I'm a content writer and a ghostwriter for creators, coaches, and online entrepreneurs. I love writing articles on creator economy, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Here are some of my best work on these topics:

Creator Economy


Five Ways Digital Artists Make Money Online
Making money as a Digital Artist is a dream for many artists. Read this article to learn the 5 actionable ways digital artists can make money online.
How to Create and Sell eBooks: All You Need to Know
Learn how to create an eBook and sell it online. In this article, we cover all you need to know, from the basics to getting paid, and more!
Digital Product Ideas (With Successful Examples)
A comprehensive guide on digital product ideas and examples. We also cover the basics of digital products, the benefits, what to sell, and much more.

In collaboration with Sahil Lavignia, Justin Mikolay and Kyle Prinsloo

Gumroad is a SaaS platform that helps creators make money doing what they love. As a creator myself, I know exactly what creators need. So teaching others through blog posts with research, personal examples, and case studies help me develop these written form content. Because of their target audience, who are creators, Gumroad was one of my favorite clients to work with.

Ship 30 for 30

How to Write An Atomic Essay: A Beginner’s Guide
The Atomic Essay format is the sweet spot for writing simple and concise messages and gathering data much faster than writing weekly blog posts. Here’s how you can start writing them to test your ideas (and gain momentum) in 7 simple steps.

In collaboration with Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush

Ship 30 for 30 is a cohort-based writing program that I joined back in February 2020. When I became a freelance writer, I decided to help them out with content pieces because I loved the target audience of beginner writers. For this client, we worked on a piece that teaches new writers how to write an atomic essay, the iconic short-form essay of Ship 30 for 30. Another project we did together is the first initial rounds of their newsletter called, the Digital Writing Compass.

Personal Development

Slow Growth by Matt D'Avella

Breaking Down the 6 Most Popular Journaling Techniques
A full breakdown of the 6 most popular journaling methods to help you find a journaling style that fits your needs, lifestyle, personality, and goals
Why 30-Day Challenges are a Great Way to Build New Habits | Slow Growth
Learn why 30-day challenges are so good at helping you build sustainable habits that last, and how you can jumpstart your habit-building with a 30-day challenge

In collaboration with Matt D'Avella.

Slow Growth Academy is Matt D'Avella's flagship course on personal development. Apart from essays, I also helped them repurpose their blog posts into Instagram posts. I loved writing for this client because their target audience was a mixture of creatives and personal development nerds. And that was something that I totally resonated with.

Collective World by Thought Catalog

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed With Life
When you feel overwhelmed with life, it’s the universe telling you to slow down.
This Is What It Looks Like When You’re Enamored With Your Life
When you’re enamored with your life, you slowly realize that you are stronger than you believe.
If You’re Struggling Right Now, This Is Exactly What You Need To Hear
I know that you’re struggling right now. But honestly, it’s just a little bump in your journey.

Collective World is a creative network from Thought Catalog. These short essays allow me to do an internal introspection and use my writing to help others with their own paths. I love personal development so these essays are quite easy and more importantly, very enjoyable to write.


The Startup

How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Online Communities Feel like an Exclusive Party on Social Media
Cohort-based community is booming in the creator economy
5 Things Nobody Warns You About When Building an Online Empire
It’s the type of hardship you must choose to take on
3 Unusual Places to Earn Money Online without Compromising Your Morals
Sometimes, money will find its way to you

In collaboration with Elizabeth Dawber and Ali Mese

Start it Up (previously known as The Startup) is the biggest publication on Medium with 8M+ monthly readers and 700k+ subscribers. As a regular contributor for the publication, I've learned how to create articles focused on teaching creators how to create content, build an audience and monetize. If it's not already obvious, this is my favorite audience to write for. :)

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