How to Fall in Love With Your Dream Life

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This time last year, I was crying because I wanted to leave my nursing job.

These days, I want to cry for not knowing what to do with my life after leaving my nursing job. It took me a whole year to quit my nursing job which was my dream.

But like all the other dreams, it’s not what you expect it to be when you get there.

I don’t take my experience for granted at all. Even though I was able to make dream of leaving my job come true, it has made me feel less excited about my day-to-day life.

I dreaded looking for new clients, write for my current clients and I had no energy to do anything for fun. It wasn't a good feeling.

But before I went on a downward spiral, I decided that I was going to change my life again.

Here's how I'm slowly falling back in love with my dream life.

Stop Thinking Like a Lawyer

Lawyers like to settle.

You, with big dreams, on the other hand, shouldn’t. When you settle for good or mediocre things, you stop trying to achieve bigger things. For example, I once told my freelance clients that I was raising my rate to $100/hour (from $75/hour). I was terrified they'd drop me. (Even though they were the ones that needed my services.)

For context, I was earning $35/hour as a nurse, and could never get more than 1% raise in a year.

The “settler” in me told me, “you should be thankful that you’re earning much more writing than your last job.”

I am grateful. But the non-settler also told me something else.

“Hey, look, if you want to dream your financially independent life, you’ve gotta get paid for the amazing value you provide. If you have more money, you have more time to learn about other things and maybe eventually hire someone.”

The more I learn how to make more money, the more I can learn to delegate and employ someone. Just like a true business owner.

The problem is that you’ll always have these voices in your head. But you have to learn how to listen to the voice that isn‘t settling.

And by the way, I did get the $25/hr raise despite thinking I’ll lose them as a clients.

Act As If

This is one of the weirdest but most magical pieces of advice I’ve been given.

Acting as if is when you already believe what you’re dreaming has already come true. For instance, I was learning how to manifest $1,000 at the beginning of my journey. I learned how to make $100 and $500 online already.

By believing that I already knew how to make $1,000, I was able to make it happen. A writing gig of 4 articles at $250 in one month came to me.

How exacly did I act as if?

I thought and believed that $1000 was already in my bank account, and held on to the feeling throughout my day-to-day life. I connected with people on Twitter (nothing I wouldn't do), and then one day, someone I knew was looking for a writer. That's how I got my first writing gig.

When you genuinely believe what you want, you start exuding the energy that will attract that. The energy translates to what you’re doing, whether online or offline.

You might not be conscious of it, but your subconscious is doing much of the work.

And all you have to do is to act as if.

Don’t Stop Taking Vitamins for Your Soul

I stopped dancing around the house.

I stopped journalling at night.

I stopped writing for myself.

Being confused about my self-employed life, I stopped showing up for the small things that brought me joy. So my confusion, anxiety, and the low mood became a cycle.

One day, I decided to pick up the healthy habits I worked so hard to create.

Within a few days, I felt better. I had more energy for my hobbies. I had more ideas I didn’t know what to do with them. And also, here I am back to writing for myself.
There’s a reason that self-care is a cliché. It works.

It doesn’t matter what you pick to make you feel better, but these activities are vitamins for your soul. They can also be painkillers, but they mainly act as vitamins.

They prevent you from going on a downward spiral and make each day brighter.

Final Thoughts

This won’t be the first or last time that you'll fall out of your dream life.

But being aware of your thoughts will be crucial so that you can learn how to shift them. This isn’t about being positive in life. This is about learning how to understand what moves you in this world and keep jumping right back when you fall.

Learning how to fall in love with your life will be the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Jerine Nicole

Jerine Nicole